When you embark upon bathroom remodeling or redesigning your kitchen, you want to hire a contractor you can trust. But just how do you weed out the home-improvement wannabes from the quality general contractors? We at Tucker Family Construction recommend that you ask any potential contractor plenty of questions before entering into a contract so you can make an informed decision.

Here are just a few questions we recommend:

1. What are your credentials?

Make sure the general contractor is licensed and insured for home remodeling in your state. While there are plenty of good handymen out there, you want to make sure your property improvements are done up to code. So check the contractor’s credentials!

2. Do you have a remodeling specialty?

Some general contractors have a broad range of remodeling experience that includes kitchen remodeling, basement finishing, and room additions. But for your home improvement project, you may want someone who has specific experience with that type of home remodeling. If your contractor doesn’t necessarily specialize in one area, that doesn’t mean he/she isn’t good, but it may help you in making your hiring decision.

3. Does your estimate include all possible costs?

Remodeling companies each have their own system for billing clients. Read the general contractor’s quote carefully. One thing you may want to pay special attention to is how the company charges for labor. Some home-improvement professionals charge a flat fee for property upgrades while others may charge hourly (or some combination of the two). Make sure you understand the fine print and what this means for your remodeling budget.

4. What is your projected timeline?

If you’re in a time crunch to get your remodeling completed (no one wants to live without a kitchen or bathroom for long!), be sure to ask how much time the general contractor needs to finish the project. Granted, unexpected things often pop up during construction, but you want to have a general idea of what to expect.

These questions are just a few examples of what you should be asking a general contractor during the hiring process. If that home remodeling expert is able to answer your questions fully, you can feel confident hiring him or her for your home-improvement project. For any further questions, contact us at (608) 862-3641.