3 Things You Must Know about Safe and Healthy Basement Bedrooms

July 28, 2016 | Basement Finishing

If you need another bedroom in your home, remodeling or finishing the basement is a great way to add extra square footage. Before you start, here are some points to consider to help you create a safe and healthy sleep environment, courtesy of the professionals at Tucker Family Construction, LLC.

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Transform Your Basement into a Media Room

September 23, 2015 | Basement Finishing

One trend we at Tucker Family Construction, LLC have observed over the last few years is the increase in people looking for a designated entertaining space. Let’s face it: Many of us are spending more evenings on Netflix, gaming, or watching the latest sporting event. Therefore, a designated spot where you can enjoy these hobbies and downtime activities may be a great use for your finished basement.

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Create the Ultimate Hangout Space with Basement Finishing

March 27, 2015 | Basement Finishing

Ready to transform your dim, sad basement into a place for you and all your friends or family to enjoy? A finished basement is a great way to have entertaining space without adding on to your home. If you’re in the market for basement finishing, check out these design ideas from Tucker Family Construction, LLC.

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Five Functional Ideas for a Finished Basement

July 8, 2014 | Basement Finishing

If you need more space in your current house, don’t begin the search for a new abode quite yet. Homeowners who have an unfinished basement are sitting on prime space — all you need is a general contractor. Tucker Family Construction, LLC has provided basement finishing and remodeling services for nearly 20 years.

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Serving Madison, WI, for over Two Decades

June 26, 2014 | Basement Finishing

Tucker Family Construction has been providing home improvement and remodeling services for nearly two decades. We are a family-owned business employing exceptional general contractors who use their individual expertise and skills in a variety of ways. The time has never been better to invest in your home, and you can depend on us to provide quality workmanship and excellent customer service every time. Contact us today at (608) 862-3641 for

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Madison WI Home Improvement: Prepare Your House for Spring

March 31, 2014 | Basement Finishing

Spring is finally in the air, and homeowners all over Wisconsin are rejoicing. Before you start jumping for joy, however, make sure you don’t shoot right through the roof with these Madison WI home improvement tips for getting your house spring-ready. With just a little bit of early-spring prep work, you can get your house in perfect shape so that you can spend the rest of the warm season in relaxation mode.

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Basement Remodeling Preparation

September 16, 2011 | Basement Finishing

Basement finishing is a great home improvement project. It gives you more room in your home for a variety of things. Whether you want a gym at home or need an extra bedroom, finishing your basement will give you the extra space you need. If your next home improvement Madison WI project is basement finishing, there are several things you should keep in mind before the basement remodeling process begins. There are several things you should consider before your basement remodeling commences. Different homes will require different types of flooring. Your contractor can recommend water resistant flooring. This will help prevent mold in your basement. A basement waterproofing professional can check if you have moisture issues. Make sure your downspout is pointed away from your house. If your basement has windows, check if they need to be replaced. Older windows may have lead on them, which can be dangerous. Another … Continued

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