Summer weather means spending a lot of time outdoors with your family. Wondering what home improvement Madison WI project can improve your yard? A new patio, deck, or water feature in your flower garden could be a nice addition. However, building a fence is an outdoor home improvement project that will add functionality and privacy to your yard. Many people think of a fence as keeping uninvited guests out. However, a fence will also keep your yard contained. If you have a dog or young children, a fence for the backyard is a great idea. This will prevent your children and pets from roaming the neighborhood. Children can get into a deal of trouble. It is a great safety assurance to know your children cannot roam into the neighbor’s yard and fall in a pool. A fence will also prevent your dog from digging up your neighbor’s flowers or getting hit by a car. Of course, a fence does add privacy and security to your home. Nosy neighbors won’t know your business with a privacy fence around your home. A fence will also make it more difficult for intruders to access your home. There are a variety of fence types to choose. Contact your home improvement Madison WI contractors to find out what fence would work best for your home. Tucker Family Construction is located in Broadhead, WI and provides home improvement services in Madison, WI and the surrounding areas. Our interior home remodeling services include, but are not limited to, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, basement finishing, and radon testing and mitigation. Call us at (608) 862-3641 for a free estimate.