Your bathroom is in desperate need of an update, but with limited space, your ideas seem even more confined than the space. Just how can you transform a small bathroom when knocking down walls isn’t an option? Our team at Tucker Family Construction, LLC of Wisconsin has a few suggestions on how to maximize your small bathroom-remodeling project. bathroom remodeling

1. Select a light, neutral wall color.

A light shade of gray, tan, or white can make a smaller space seem bigger than it is. Plus, these neutral colors are classic and can stand the test of time and design changes. Make sure your bathroom vanity and other bathroom features also don’t go too dark.

2. Maximize natural light.

Natural light in a bathroom is great not only for putting on makeup, but also for giving the illusion of a larger space. A well-placed window can make a big difference. You may even want to consider whether a skylight can enhance the space.

3. Choose a frameless glass shower door.

A shower curtain or opaque sliding door can appear to cut a few feet off your bathroom. Your best solution for this tiny bathroom problem is to get a frameless glass shower door or wall. That way, when you walk in, you can see every corner of the space. Plus, this update will really make your bathroom appear more modern.

4. Maximize storage space.

From towels to toiletries, you have to fit several necessities in your bathroom without making it seem too cramped. When planning out your storage, make the most of the space and consider creative ways to store items. You may even want some of your essentials—like towels, cotton ball jars, or candles—to become part of your bathroom decoration.

5. Upgrade to an oversized mirror.

Most people think a small bathroom requires a small vanity mirror. However, a larger mirror can be a unique decorative detail that also gives the appearance of more space. Even without adding on, you can remodel your bathroom to bring it into the current decade while also giving the appearance of more space. If you need a general contractor for your bathroom remodel, then contact Tucker Family Construction at (608) 862-3641. We specialize not only in bathroom remodeling, but also kitchen remodeling, basement finishing, and other custom home improvements. photo credit: Smallest Bathroom! via photopin (license)