Spring is finally in the air, and homeowners all over Wisconsin are rejoicing. Before you start jumping for joy, however, make sure you don’t shoot right through the roof with these Madison WI home improvement tips for getting your house spring-ready. With just a little bit of early-spring prep work, you can get your house in perfect shape so that you can spend the rest of the warm season in relaxation mode. Below are some helpful hints for making sure your home is spring-ready from the Madison WI home improvement experts of Tucker Family Construction, LLC. Prepare the Basement: Spring brings more than warmer weather and brightly colored flowers; the season tends to produce a lot of rain. While spring showers can be great for the garden, they can spell horror for an unprepared basement. Make sure that any storage items kept in the basement have been raised off the floor and put into waterproof containers. If your basement is prone to flooding, now is the time to ensure all of your drainage systems are clear of debris and your sump pump is in proper working order. Rooftop Inspection: Your roof took quite a beating thanks to some harsh winter conditions. If you’re able, grab the ladder, and take stock of your roof’s current state. Take note of any chipped, cracked, or curling shingles or signs of sloping and sagging. Having this information to pass on to your roofing contractor will save you both time and money. Check the Deck: Just like the roof, your home’s deck was battling Jack Frost’s sub-zero temperatures, snowstorms, and ice accumulation all winter long. To make sure it’s ready for family get-togethers this spring and summer, inspect it for any signs of wear. Issues that may seem minimal now could steamroll into major problems as spring moisture and heat work their way into any exposed cracks in the deck’s foundation. Making small repairs now can prevent your next barbecue from becoming a bust when the deck gives way and sends all of your guests crashing to the ground – giving a whole new meaning to the term “party crashers.” Use these tips to make sure your Madison, WI home will be able to handle whatever Mother Nature throws its way this spring. For Madison WI home improvement services you can count on all year long, contact Tucker Family Construction, LLC at (608) 862-3641. Our crew of seasoned remodeling and construction professionals will be more than happy to put their highly skilled hands to work for you.