Experience is an important trait to look for in home improvement contractors. As experts in kitchen, bathroom, and basement remodeling, Tucker Family Construction, LLC has tackled a range of projects in Madison, WI, including the most crucial area of the home — the foundation. Contact us at (608) 862-3641 to learn more about our foundation repair services, which preserve the integrity of commercial buildings, residences, garages, decks, and porches.

The Hidden Problem With Your House

How do you know when structural repair is needed? Most of the time an issue isn’t obvious until an inspection occurs during a real estate transaction. If you’re looking to buy or sell a property in Madison, make sure the process goes smoothly by checking for these problems:

  • Rotted wood frames
  • Sagging beams
  • Deteriorating walls
  • Uneven floors
  • Exterior cracks and bulges
  • Sloping deck

Any of these problems can indicate flaws with the foundation, which typically are verified by a structural engineer. If you’re just not sure, have our general contractors look at the property to determine if the issue is minor or requires engineering expertise.

Structural Repairs

Engineering A Solution

Tucker Family Construction can begin the foundation repair work after a structural engineer has drawn up plans for the project. Our contractors take it from there, following the engineer’s specifications to the letter. We support the weight of the structure while repairing load-bearing components such as walls, posts, and footers.

Because of our existing relationships with structural engineers, we have developed expertise and efficiencies that allow us to offer the most reasonable rates on foundation repairs in Madison, WI, and beyond.

About Our Family Business

Founded in 2004, Tucker Family Construction is a family-owned business that provides professional home improvement services throughout the greater Madison area. We believe in high-quality results at affordable prices. We apply this philosophy to every project, including deck building, home additions, roofing, siding installation, and radon testing.

When you want the most thorough foundation repairs for your home or business, Tucker Family Construction is the right business for the job. Our customer testimonials are proof of our dedication. Contact us today at (608) 862-3641 to get a free estimate.