Wisconsin kitchen remodelingThe kitchen is often considered the heart of the home. It’s where you prepare family meals. People naturally congregate in the kitchen, whether it be after school, at a party, or for conversation and a cup of coffee. Therefore, when it comes time to remodel your home, the kitchen is a natural place to start. Before you get started on kitchen remodeling, we at Tucker Family Construction, LLC suggest that you consider these 10 suggestions for simple updates.

1. Change out cabinet hardware.

It’s amazing how changing out old knobs can instantly change the look of your kitchen. This update is both easy and affordable.

2. Pick a neutral paint color.

You want to pick a color that’s inviting. Neutrals tend to be welcoming and calming; plus, they generally stand the test of time.

3. Add a backsplash.

A custom tile backsplash is a great way to boost your kitchen design while also adding a functional feature.

4. Maximize your storage.

You can find a ton of organizers for hard-to-store items like pots, pans, lids, spices, garbage bags, and much more. Consider purchasing some space-saving storage solutions and having your general contractor install them for you.

5. Choose durable, classic flooring.

Tile flooring and hardwood flooring tend to be desirable options for a kitchen. They look great and age well (provided you choose the right one).

6. Paint kitchen cabinets a light color.

If you don’t want to replace cabinets, consider painting them. White or a light gray (or a combination of the two) tend to be good options.

7. Install quality appliances.

Choose energy-efficient appliances that can help save you money over time, and be sure to select a brand name you can trust. We definitely recommend that you do your research.

8. Upgrade your countertops.

A kitchen counter takes a beating. You want to choose a quality material that can look great over time and many, many years of meal prep. Granite or other stone products are often great options.

9. Update lighting.

A dim, dark kitchen is anything but inviting. Maximize the natural light you already have, and consider installing a skylight. You can also add recessed lighting.

10. Customize your workspace.

If you ever wanted to change the flow of your kitchen, now is the time to do it. Whether you want to change the position of your dishwasher or add an island, find a custom solution that works for you. To get started on these and other kitchen-remodeling ideas, contact Tucker Family Construction at (608) 862-3641 for a consultation and quote. Our team takes pride in helping Madison, WI, families make their houses into homes, beginning with the kitchen.