Looking to add a little personal flair to your kitchen space? As the central hub of your home, the kitchen doesn’t have to be only functional. In fact, the kitchen is a great place to customize during a kitchen remodel. As you consider how to update your kitchen, consider these five fun (and a bit funky) kitchen remodeling and design ideas from Tucker Family Construction, LLC.

1. Create your own artisan tile wall.

kitchen remodel ideas Tile isn’t meant for the kitchen floor or backsplash alone! Many people are incorporating tile as a decorative or design feature during a kitchen remodel. You can choose from many different artisan tile designs—from mosaic to block patterns to paisley print.

2. Don’t hide behind cabinets!

It’s nice to have some kitchen cabinet space or a pantry to stockpile your canned goods or small appliances you don’t want strewn on the countertops. However, you may want to consider floating shelves on at least one wall or area in your kitchen. Floating shelves is a great home improvement that adds design interest; plus, you have a place to feature your cool dish sets, wine glasses, and vases that might otherwise be hidden by cabinet doors.

3. Make a splash with color.

kitchen backsplash If an all-white or neutral kitchen isn’t you, find ways to insert some color—maybe even in some unexpected places. While remodeling your kitchen, you may want to pick some unique and colorful tiles for the backsplash. These days, you can even special order kitchen appliances or the kitchen sink in all kinds of colors and designs. So, don’t be afraid to dream in color!

4. Don’t forget your feet.

Kitchen flooring can also be a way to add a unique look while kitchen remodeling. While many people choose from traditional tile floors or hardwood floors, ask your general contractor about other flooring options that are easy to clean, but offer some design interest and make your guests say, “What IS this?” (in a good way).

5. Choose oversized or eclectic art.

To finish off your kitchen remodel, find or create larger-than-life art pieces that infuse warmth, color, and your design personality into the space. Many people find that by choosing many pieces that they love (even if they aren’t “packaged” together), the decorations tend to just fall together because the artwork reflects the many sides of you. As you consider your home improvement options and kitchen-remodeling ideas, contact Tucker Family Construction, LLC at (608) 862-3641. Our team proudly serves the Madison, WI area with everything from kitchen remodeling and basement finishing to bathroom remodeling and radon testing. We can help answer your kitchen remodeling questions and provide you with a free estimate on any of our services. photo credit: MyWallArt – 3d Wallpanel via photopin cc photo credit: njhomepictures via photopin cc